Tofu Box

As an advocator of soy drink and slow food movement, HUADOU GmbH has invited YUUE to redesign traditional tools for preparing soy milk and soy food. Besides solving existing problems in terms of hygiene and efficiency, this project also aimed at integrating tradition into modern life. Both objects can be easily stored at home. Being displayed, they make a unique scenery of the past and the now.

Tofu Box is a set of tools for making tofu, consisting of four nesting components with different functions. With no flood on the worktop, the water pressed from tofu is collected in the big container. The small container functions as a handy and flexible weight if water is added. The markings on the case indicate the relation between water and tofu, while the water amount inside the tofu affects the texture in the mouth. Tofu Box, the entire process of making tofu at home is optimized. In the meantime, more creative uses are always to be unleashed.

Client: HUADOU GmbH
Launch: 2020