Chinese Puzzle Porcelain

Puzzle Porcelain Set is a re-interpretation of the mysterious Yaoci porcelain vessels. This is a cooperation between YUUE and Chinese designer Ryan Xiangfei.

Upside-Down Carafe is a cactus-shaped carafe which has no opening. As one may finally figure out, liquid has to be poured in from the bottom. The liquid surprisingly stays inside when the whole pot is flipped back again. Then the carafe can be used as a normal carafe. Fairness Cup is a tea cup which leaks all content if too much liquid is poured in. It plays a joke on those who are a bit greedy and advice them to play fair. Singing-Bird Pot is a bird-shaped teapot which is able to sing for you. Functioning as a lid and a whistle at the same time, a baby bird rests on her mom’s back. The baby bird whistles if liquid is poured.

Photo and Film: Studio Likeness | Video Editing: Arseny Knaifel